14 September 2006

We Ready

The design of this blog drives me insane. So dark, so lonely. Neither of which I am.

The Broncos home opener is this weekend. And I like I have for the last five, ten, fifteen years I'll sit next to my Gram and cheer on the boys who make or break my mood in the fall. I sit with headphones on, a cheap Walkman (!) purchased five years ago blaring the play-by-play into my ears. When things happen, my neighbors tap my shoulders. "What'd they say?" "Is he okay?" "What's the ruling?"
Before Invesco was built, my grandparents had tickets next to the same people for 30 years. They knew their names, their kids names, tiny parts of each other's lives. Now we sit next to one set of neighbors who have been there with us since the beginning of this wretched stadium. The rest cycle in and out, top sellers at their company. Business guests a local company is trying to impress. Some dumbass from Jersey here to cheer on the Jets.
Football games with my Gram are my favorite tradition. They do fly overs from Buckley, or the Air Force Academy, or Fort Carson and my 5'-if-she's-anything Gram jumps around and squeals, "I just love those!" We place our hands over our heart and sing our National Anthem. We stomp our feet and clap our hands and yell at our team. We bond.

I think of my Pa. How when I would drive over to my Gram's so we could go to the game, he'd always tell us, "Play hard!" How he'd smile at my superstitions, having shown up in the same jersey, jeans, shoes and hat for the last 10 years. [The shoes might have changed once.] I always felt bad that my Pa stayed at home, but the reality of it was he was just too sick to go. He could barely walk to the backyard, let alone up and down ramps at a football stadium. Still, he loved the Broncos. Not the way my Gram and I do, mind you. We'll literally throw things at the wall after a bad play, and yell at people if they talk to us during a game. But he loved them all the same. Enough to record their games, so he and Gram could watch them again. Enough to never miss a game.
[I miss him.]

So this Sunday we'll meet our boys at the 30 yard line of the north end of the field. And we'll hope for the best. [The best being Jake Plummer getting hurt and subsequently going out for the season...] Let's go, Broncos.


At 14 September, 2006 12:24, Blogger Laura said...

I am so frickin jealous I could cry. We should move to Denver.

ps. And don't forget to text message me from the game if anything fun goes down. Ha.

At 15 September, 2006 20:45, Anonymous Lauren said...

Good thing Sadie wasn't in the room when I read this, because we were just talking earlier today about how I have a heart of steel and never cry at anything. I wouldn't want her to know this makes me cry.

At 20 September, 2006 12:06, Blogger sara elizabeth said...

it makes me cry, too, bee.

we'll make it.


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