10 January 2007

I Hope

So, 2006 is over, or something. I had the usual kick ass NYE with my siblings. We got drunk/semi-drunk [depending on who we're talking about.] And we played games. And we laughed A LOT. I think I'll probably be 50 and still celebrating NYE with at least my brother Ryan, because he's down with being all about the family forever, too.

Last year was not the best of years for me. And for the first time in forever I feel like the reasons it sucked so hard were only 20% my fault. Maybe a little more, but not much.

I still think about my grandpa everyday. It's only about 80% of the time these days that I feel like curling up in a corner and crying, though, so I guess there's that. Ryan and I shared a quiet toast to our Pa on New Year's. "To our Pa. Our hero. Forever." I love that Ryan understands my inability to relinquish my memories of our Pa.

I'm thinking in three months or so I'm going to start applying to airlines. That information used to be top secret.

So I'd rather have no camera than a shitty camera, right? Except for how I am apparently OBSESSED with cameras and "no camera" is about as much of an option as is "not breathing." However, cameras are expensive and I pay many bills and am THE WORST EVER at saving. Mostly I think savings accounts are stupid. I'm sure someday that thought will come around and kick me squa' in the jaw, but until that day, I say eff you, banks. Eff you, savings accounts. Eff money entirely. Except when it comes to buying a new PowerShot. I love you, Canon.

Whatever, someday I'll stop hating blogs.


At 10 January, 2007 10:06, Blogger Laura said...

I love you though.

At 20 January, 2007 21:31, Blogger Sam said...

ohmygod. i am currently saving for the Canon S3 myself :) been coming back to feeling the need for a camera.

good luck on your end. :)


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